About Us

BlackStar Enterprise Group, Inc. (BlackStar, the Company) is a publicly traded specialized merchant banking firm, facilitating joint venture capital to early stage revenue companies.  BlackStar’s shares trade on the OTC Pink (BEGI). The Company is focused on blockchain technology.  BlackStar intends to gain exposure to the blockchain ecosystem through targeted joint ventures in the sector. The primary focus is on the distributed ledger security features and peer-to-peer (P2P) global equity trading arena. While remaining compliant with current SEC disclosure and reporting guidelines Blackstar is conducting an in-depth analysis for its involvement in distributed ledger technology related ventures. BlackStar (BEGI) is one of a few publicly traded blockchain focused companies listed on the OTC Markets.


BlackStar Enterprise Group intends to leverage its experience in the traditional world of public finance, including securities, options, registrations and SEC compliance, into working with select organizations supporting the development and implementation of new technologies in the blockchain arena. To facilitate this process, BlackStar is establishing an advisory board with applicable technical and practical experience. BlackStar is also becoming an advocate and supporter of P2P equity trading on a distributed decentralized ledger which provides investment exposure to the rapidly growing blockchain ecosystems.


With the demise of the OTC small cap brokerage firm, today's emerging companies have little choice but to raise private equity, crowdfund, or participate with the (up to now) unregulated cryptocurrency market over the Internet. In turn, these investment strategies limit the private investor to high-risk, non-liquid equity ownership with little or no diversification and no regulation or accountability.


BlackStar is currently seeking joint venture investments in private, commercial-stage businesses with focus on blockchain technologies within the industry sectors covered by its collective experience, including:

  • finance
  • healthcare
  • technology
  • media & telecommunications
  • energy, clean technology & renewables
  • industrials
  • business services

BlackStar will initially control and manage each venture.


The Company’s venture development will have a planned path to liquidity in a three-year +/- timeframe.


BlackStar intends to act as a merchant bank providing access to capital for companies involved in the blockchain industry. BlackStar will facilitate these companies, through majority controlled joint ventures with our subsidiary Crypto Equity Management Corp.  BlackStar’s publicly traded stock may be a conduit for the investor into blockchain related industry and private companies supporting its philosophies while providing a diversified and potentially liquid investment for the public investor.